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Thursday, April 28, 2005

What the hell??

It appears that American Idol has turned dysfunctional...

1) Why is Scott Savol still on American Idol?

I've remained true to my AI boycott, but it's hard to avoid hearing Wednesday's nights results if you're awake on Thursday. I'm incredibly confused and concerned about the voters out there. Society is basically saying that physical abuse is okay and one should even be rewarded for it. Although I'm disappointed about the situation, it also motivates me to work a little harder on my part to promote education on the seriousness of the issue of domestic violence. Unbelieveable! God help us if he wins...

2) What's the deal with Paula and the contestants?

Allegations have also been released, according to Corey Clark's new book, that when he was a contestant on Season 2, he was involved romantically with Paula. WTF? Who's next? Constantine? No, wait, he was voted off the show last night, wasn't he?

3) Hey Bo, What Do Ya Blow?

It seems that AI contestant Bo Bice is the latest member to have his police run-ins unveiled. In 2001, Bice was arrested for felony cocaine possession and again in 2003 for marijuana possession. Again, Bice was apolgetic and forthcoming with the news so he was allowed to keep his spot in the top twelve. Several fans of the show are now suggesting that Paula's beloved Constantine be brought back to the show to replace Bice and his bad rep.


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