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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Happy March!

March is lovely for so many reasons...beginning with birthdays. MINE! But not today, March 19, you still have time to decide which pathetic Xmas present you're going to re-gift and send to me. Today, however, is the birthday of one Theodore Geisel, who you may also know as Dr. Seuss. If I were feeling a little bit more inspired today, I would've written a little rhyming ditty for the man, but alas I'm only able to give him a "Happy Birthday." Of course, I can't sing the song because that would be breaking copyright laws since I didn't obtain the permission ahead of time from Time Warner.

He didn't write the above book, but it would have been amusing if he had.

Since I'm on the topic of distributing Happy Birthdays, I may as well send one out to "Yahoo", who is celebrating its 10th birthday today! Yahoo! Thanks for the free ice cream!!

Today is their birthday, is it your birthday too (yeah)?? Lemme know.


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