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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Strangers with Jodi

The goal of this exercise is to identify nine other bloggers that you would like to meet for dinner/drinks. The only caveat is that these bloggers must be strangers, you haven't met them before. State the blogger's name, a link to the blog, and why you would like him/her to be in attendance.

(1) Gerard, The Presurfer. I have a list of sites that I visit everyday and this is the one that I hit first. I don't know much about the "Great Gerard" himself, but his blog always leads me to various oddities and fun sites on the web. I would love to throw back a few with Gerard and try to figure out the method to his madness. Thanks for the amusement and the idea for today's entry!

(2) Kim, Bacon and Eh's. Congratulations to this Canadian for being a finalist at the 2005 Bloggies Awards! She's always entertaining whether she's talking about something amusing her kids have done or posting several links surrounding one particular theme. I've seen her name all over the place, excluding bathroom walls...she seems to be a favorite among many! It would be an honor to dine with someone so adored!

(3) Cynical-C Blog. Hilarious! The mystery writer of the blog is without a doubt, one of the most amusing blogs I've read. It's always filled with quirky content, bizarre photos, and hilarious commentary. I would love to know who produces this gem! Present yourself!

(4) Alexis, Drama Queen Confessions. This is a relatively new blog that I've luckily stumbled upon. Alexis is a self-declared George Clooney addict...and her hubby even looks a little like him too. I was led to her blog to check out one of her "Hump Day Hotties"...from there I was hooked! We share a lot of common hobbies so she is always providing me with new information and treasures to explore! Hooray!

(5) Anne, Fishbucket. Often in the morning, I check out new stuff on-line over a bagel before I have to rush off to that thing they call "work." She lists various interesting sites to check out. Anne's straight to the point, no playing around. She says, "Here's some fun stuff. Check it out. Like it or leave it. Come back tomorrow." Short and sweet...I like those who keep life simple.

(6) Renee, Gen X Nostalgia. Anyone who has a site which revolves entirely around the 80's is a-okay in my book! Like myself, Renee looks back on the 80's with fondness and adoration. Her blog is dedicated to analyzing those things that were so puzzling to us about the decade, yet made us so happy. Whether it's Rick Astley or Wham lyrics, the girl has got it covered. She's also very helpful at giving colorful, VH-1 style, "Where are they now?" up dates. I love it! Check out Renee's other site Midwest Bloggin'. If you're from this area, you can relate to her stories fairly well.

(7) Scott, Stereogum. In case you haven't noticed in my blog, I'm a musical enthusiast. Scott's site provides the best music news/commentary anywhere. He has all genres covered graciously. He is also amazing at reminding us of how bad music can be. I would certainly trust him to be in charge of the music during cocktail hour.

(8) Andrea, Andrea's Photo Blog. I was introduced to Andrea's site by Alexis. Yes, someone actually does like to know what everyone else is looking at. This is what I can say about Andrea's blog...It doesn't get much more fun than this. Andrea is an amazing photographer (she can take souvenir dinner pics for the group...) and her site is filled with lots of amusing nibblets. It's very rare when I can find someone who loves Demeter as much as myself. Who could have imagined? I can at least say that we would smell the best at the dinner party...as long as she doesn't go with the Funeral Home scent...

(9) Jeff, Dinoblog. The reason that I would like to meet Jeff is so that I can give him a big hug. His blog is so sad, yet so addicting. It's not often that a guy is going to put his personal life right out there for everyone to see. It seems as if he's lost his girl, his money, and even a little bit of weight. I think a little company might do Jeff some good...Hang in there, my friend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a discerning individual you are. Heh.

Thankya, thankyaverymuch.
Anne (Fishbucket)

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've seen me on bathroom walls? Do tell! ROFL

Thank you so much for including me in your dinner, I can see by your list that it would be an amazing dinner at that! What a fine group to be included in, I appreciate it Jodi, thank you!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops read that wrong LOL never mind!

2:16 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Sure, I'm all up for dinner. But for drinks I'll just have milk. :D

4:47 PM  

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