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Monday, January 17, 2005

Suddenly Saturday

Saturdays are usually more hectic for me than work days, but that's by choice, so I really can't complain. Sundays are the days I reserve for TV and bon-bons.

My friend Regena and I work in the same office, but don't see each other as often as we'd like so we have had monthly "dates" for the past year now. With the holidays, we weren't able to get together in December so we decided that this weekend we would have the "date" of all "dates."

Regena on a dare

I started Saturday off without Regena when I attended the library book sale. Why is it that when there is a book sale, the library is crawling with people who look like they don't even know what a book is. I didn't find any good deals, mainly because I wasn't looking that hard. The best part about used books sales is scanning the titles of the books. Of course you aren't going to find books by authors that you've heard of...that really would be a bargain for $0.50. The sale was full of old Harlequin novels, yellowing cook books from the 50's, and copies upon copies of "I'm OK/You're OK." Regena was spending the morning at a church meeting before she met up with me for lunch at The Feed Store so I decided that I would purchase a book for her since she missed out on the sale. I found the perfect book entitled, "Tramp for the Lord." I hoped that she would appreciate it for the book certainly cracked my ass up.

In the past few years, downtown Springfield has grown a little larger, mostly thanks to the numerous new bars. One of my favorite things to do is get up early on a Saturday morning to get coffee at Trout Lily Cafe and then browse one of several small shops that have opened. I got my fill on Saturday morning before I had to meet Regena for lunch. I was able to buy some new anti-Bush buttons to sport for Thursday.

After lunch, we took a chance on "Coach Carter" which turned out to be decent, much better than I had anticipated. We then did a little shopping and headed to
The Scrapping Bee. Scrapbooking is one of my new favorite hobbies and Regena hadn't ever done it before so I lugged all of my shit with me. I gave her a brief tutorial and she finished her first page. Hoorah!

We had a trivia tournament to get to and were running behind schedule so we grabbed our random snacks and dashed. This was a new trivia experience because we officially had a full team. It seems like trivia seems to always fall on weekends that are bad for everyone so we're constantly scrambling for last minute additions to our team so that we can even compete, but it all worked out on Saturday. The categories seemed easier than usual..."Snow" (because everyone knows that I want to think about things that are Winter related...), "Everything But the Kitchen Sink", "Tri-bond", and "Let's Go Bananas", among six others. Regena and I had been teasing all week about our team possessing the token African-American person and the possibilities of us having a Martin Luther King, Jr. category seeing as his birthday was on Monday. What are the chances that we would really have a "I Have A Dream" category. Pretty good that evening, we swept it.

It was also a particularly sweet evening because I had invited a new friend to join us. I had met him before Thanksgiving at Blues Night and we have been talking regularly. Joe is a fun guy (he would crack a mushroom joke about now...), who also happens to favor James Spader. He works with my friend, Court, who he claims is acting as a mole to get the inside scoop about him. We had gone on a fabulous "date" during which we had gone to all of the best downtown spots. We had a lot in common and always had good conversation. Joe is an interesting guy. I knew that my mother and my aunt and uncle would be playing on this particular evening and was wondering if he would be intimidated meeting family members. It went swimmingly. He was amusing, charming, and very smart. I think that everyone thought he was a great addition to the team. Lovely. We ended up coming in 4th place, a feat that we weren't used to.

My friend Lisa was going to be celebrating her 20-something birthday on Sunday so we decided that we would take her out on the town. The weather wasn't the best so Regena went home, Rachel went to go get her kids from the sitter's house, and the family certainly can't keep us with us when we go out. It was down to Lisa, Joe, and I. There was a huge Elvis convention at the Springfield Hilton so Joe and I thought that it would be funny to go see how many of them we could get to sing "Happy Birthday" to Lisa. By the time we got to the hotel, the competition was still going on and we didn't want to pay the $20 admission to see the show. It was an odd site though, men and women of various ages dressed up like "The King." I wished that I had my camera because it certainly would've been fun to get Lisa's pictures taken with the impersonators.

Me and Lisa

Joe called us and said that he had already headed to The Brewhaus to meet some friends so we walked in the bitter cold, almost sliding on our asses a few times. In honor of Lisa's birthday, we drank Pink Squirrels. Joe had met some friends at the bar so he was trying to "inter-mingle" between the two groups. At one point he invited himself to our 10 year class reunion and shared the fact that he was going to the "Zabava", a Ukrainian Debutante Ball in the Chicago area. I thought that he was joking, about the Ball that is. Evidentially, he was not. That boy was always teaching me something new. He kept attempting to pick me up...literally. I warned him that he was going to get a hernia, so he stopped and settled for a dance to something by Sinatra.


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