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Friday, December 31, 2004

Should All Acquaintance Be Forgot? Heck, No!


Whew! It's finally over my friends...2004! I can only speak for myself, but this happened to be the worst year yet. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but the lowlights in 2004 are abundant. I've decided that 2005 can only get better. I actually got tiaras for my friends and I to wear this evening that say, "Happy Fucking New Year!" I figure that if we go in cursing it, maybe it will feel threatened and go a little easier on us this year...but that's just my way of thinking.

I hope that you all have your resolutions organized and you are now gearing up for a great party tonight. New Year's Eve happens to by my favorite holiday of the entire year, hands down. I love the "new beginning" aspect of it all. You're starting your life with a clean slate. You have yet another chance to meet those goals that we left un-met, say those things that were left un-said, and to take those chances that were left un-taken.

This evening, a few friends and I are ending the year at the only place that has given us joy in 2004 The Stadium is a little local place with the best jukebox in the world. I hope that you're all heading for fun celebrations among those you love as well. Whatever you do, please do it safely and if you don't...name it after me! I'm kidding, cabs are cheap tonight, use 'em if you need 'em.

Here are some hopes that I have for others going into 2005:

For Ali, that you find "her."
For Andrew, a singing gig on PBS.
For Becky, that things will work out the way that they're meant to be.
For Bob, someone who can give you the answers that you're looking for.
For Bonnie, someone will need a great office administrator and you'll be there!
For Brandon, things will be sweet rather than bittersweet.
For Brent, I'll be at a brilliant, successful production.
For Chris, that things will come together.
For Claire, a get-together that I'll actually be able to attend.
For Court, Affleck will come a-knockin'!
For Dad, safety, good health, and fun!
For Daniel, you'll get your package soon, I promise!
For Dave, an easy semester in the big city.
For Erika, a fun and healthy year with the new member of your family.
For Flint, someone who knows how to two-step and appreciates classic country and Seagrams as much as you do.
For Gale, more crazy nights!
For Heather, the ability to pick up the phone and call me once in a while, geez!
For Hulsen, er Surges, a fun first year of wedding bliss!
For Jamie, lots of fun watching Adriana grow and grow and grow!
For Jason, safe travel and a new visitor in Madison!
For Jean, peace of mind while Cory is partying up in NC.
For Jeff, the ability to return phone calls.
For Jenny, a quick and easy divorce and lots more fun!
For Jerry, to keep on rocking in the free world!
For Jim, another successful year with "The Cox Family Newsletter."
For The Pollacks, melted Ohio snow before Joanie's birthday.
For Joe, some relief before the big build-up for Xmas 2005.
For John, a few more trips to Spfld to visit Yodi.
For Katie, Gosh, just do whatever you want this year!
For Kim, lots of baby picture taking before the big reunion.
For Koz, taking more opportunities to see me at Blue Mondays.
For Lance, a fun, new job and the take back of the upper-level "Xmas-free zone."
For Lisa, a boyfriend who appreciates you and returns all of your phone calls.
For Louie, more computer fun and a steady girlfriend!
For Luke, the ability to remember to stash a $20 bill in the glove box for emergencies.
For Lynne, another year of successful student health care.
For Maria, some stress-free moments before the birth of baby girl.
For Mom, anything you want in 2005!
For Mark, a completed and cozy new house.
For Mel, the ability to wear bright colors and eat Skittles by the handful!
For Michelle, anything but a fourth job!
For Midge, to get a patent on the "lawn mower" and the "shopping cart."
For Mike, a chance to show me the new house and wedding video and maybe even a little karaoke.
For Mr. O., lots of fun times, a great new CD, and more shows in Spfld (I'm just being selfish...)
For Ms. Chambers, more moments to be proud of the decisions you've made and how far you've come...and to play with my hair.
For The Nations, fewer hospital bills this year!
For Norman, a successful tax season.
For Rachel, lots of fun with the new puppy and lots of cake with the new business.
For Regena, a trivia night win!
For Rick, a trip home sometime soon!
For Robin, minimal burnout in the social services field.
For Ryan, more opportunities to attend cheerleading competitions!
For Sandra, a happy and healthy 2005!
For Scott, to realize that not every girl whose number you write on a napkin wants to marry you.
For Stacey and Andy, lots of fun planning your wedding and starting your new life together.
For Steve, a successful reign as the president of the Central Illinois Blues Club...and the continued fantasy of me getting drunk so that you can take advantage of me...
For Sue, less travel...to the hospital anyway.
For Tara, to complete your thesis and figure out what "he" is thinking.
For Tim and Debi, to empty your garage by selling all 1,700 books.
For Tom, patience, peace of mind, and continuing progress.
For Trevor, a year full of mesmerizing intellectual discussions.
For Winter, time to forgive, acknowledge, and to enjoy life.

"May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies, quick to make friends. But rich or poor, quick or slow,May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward."


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