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Sunday, December 26, 2004

On the Day After Xmas...

I hope that you all had a safe, happy, and joyous Christmas day. Santa brought me everything that I asked for...I guess that I've been a good girl this year. Here are some of the fun things that I found under my tree yesterday.

(1) Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera and Printer Dock - This is the best gift ever! I easily spend $50 a month on buying disposable cameras and then getting them developed. I'm big into scrapbooking so I always like to have a camera handy. Although I'll have to treat this camera a little more gently than I would a disposable, it's just as easy to use and the pics look great! The printer produces 4x6 photos in under 30 seconds. The quality is just as good as you would get as if they were professionally printed. Of course, y'all get to benefit from this gift as well. I'll now be able to bring you my pictures right after they're taken. Yay! The first picture that I took with my new camera? Shelby, naturally!

(2) Cocoa Latte Beverage Warmer - This is the gift that I've used the most so far. It's amazing and I can't believe that I've survived this long without it! I am addicted to hot chocolate, coffee, etc. in cold temperatures. The warmer looks like a blender, but you just add all of your ingredients, usually just water and one packet of hot chocolate, and it whips it up and warms it within 3 minutes. I know what you're thinking, "Jodi, you can do the same thing in the microwave just as easily." No, No, my friends. This machine magically makes your drink "frothy" if desired and you are certain to never again have floating chucks of undissolved powder in your mug. I've tried a variety of different recipes so far, enough to make me fully aware that I may be lactose intolerant. I have made steamers, hot chocolate (with a little bit of Bailey's thrown in for good measure), and even chai. It's brilliant and easy to clean. I can't wait to take it to work with me!

(3) Sex and the City Trivia Game - I LOVE "Sex and the City!" I hadn't seen it until this time last year when I had a week off for work. I decided that I would rent the first season, by this time the sixth season was already underway, and I became addicted. It's unbelievable that I didn't subscribe to HBO just to watch the last 8 episodes. This game was on my wish list. I knew that it was inexpensive and I knew that I could win at it every time, but then I realized that no one else watched "SATC" like I did. It's evident now that I will win every game because I'm sure to be playing it alone.

What did the Big Man bring you?


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