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Thursday, December 16, 2004

New Holiday Music

Thanks to my friend J-Dawg for today's entry...check out his site if you get the chance...I guarantee you'll chuckle !

"Death Row Records Releases Holiday Compilation"
Dre, Lil' Kim, 50 Cent, Jay-Z Celebrate the Magic of Christmas

1. Smack a Ho, Smack a Ho, Smack a Ho (to the tune of "Let It Snow")
2. I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas
3. Homies for the Holidays
4. Frosty the Methman
5. Grandma Got Run Over by the Po-lice
6. God Rest Ye, Fallen Homies
7. O Little Town of Compton
8. I Saw Mommy Tasting Santa's Balls
9. Away in the Slammer
10. It's Beginning to Look Like Harassment
11. Ave Letitia
12. Feliz Navidad


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