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Sunday, March 13, 2005

No She Didn't !!

Yes, it's a BONUS POST !!! Wahoo! I came across this interesting new "list" and I thought I'd play along...

I'm addicted to making music compiliations and someone brought "Project Frankenstein" to my attention. Legend has it that it came about as a result of a questionnaire/bet in one of the forums on this site. You simply compile a bunch of music according to the below statements. It's one cd made from lots of different parts...

Here's the formula:

1) A song that gets you going in the morning
2) A song from an artist that you're embarassed to admit that you like
3) A song you think is romantic
4) A song for a rainy day
5) A lullaby
6) A song that makes you feel great no matter when you hear it
7) A song from your favorite band
8) A song that makes you laugh
9) A song that reminds you of your high school days
10) A really good cover song
11) A song from a movie
12) A song with the word "look" in the title
13) A song by an artist who is a member of the "Dead Rockers Society"
14) Your favorite song by either Elvis or The Beatles
15) A song by a group that you otherwise don't like
16) Whatever it is, it's gotta be funky!
17) A song from the most recent CD you've bought
18) A song with "blues" in the title
19) One of the earliest songs that you remember listening to
20) Wildcard - A song by anyone about anything

My Frankenstein Mix would look like this...Enjoy!

1) "Disco Ball World" - David Garza
2) Anything by an American Idol finalist...shhh...don't tell...
3) "The Luckiest" - Ben Folds
4) "Breakin' Me" - Johnny Lang
5) "When You Dream" - Barenaked Ladies
6) "Steal My Kisses" - Ben Harper
7) "Your Bird Can Sing" - The Beatles
8) "Idiot Boyfriend" - Jimmy Fallon
9) "Piano Man" - Billy Joel
10) "Time After Time" - Matchbox 20
11) "Somebody's Baby" - Andru Donalds (Good Will Hunting soundrtrack)
12) "Look Away" - Chicago
13) "Watching the Wheels" - John Lennon
14) "Oh Darlin' " - The Beatles (the answers for this one are too numerous to mention)
15) "Walk This Way" - Run DMC
16) "All in the Groove" - Blues Traveler
17) "Candy Apple Red" - The Oohs (great local band)
18) "Fisherman's Blues" - The Waterboys
19) Anything from Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual" album
20) Check out The Beatles' version of "Come and Get It"...amazing stuff

Make your own mix and share it here!!
(This means you too Electric Bozo...)


Anonymous Electric Bozo said...

I will participate when I have a moment...but I warn you, with my personal collection of music this could be extremely dangerous!

And, BTW, "Come & Get It" by The Beatles might as well be by "The Beatle" as it was written and performed solely by Sir Paul.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Beatls8 said...

Can't wait for your participation...

And, yes, I'm aware of Paul's solo composition/performance...and love it! However, it wasn't released on "Paul McCartney's Anthology"...heh.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous electric bozo said...

OK, here goes - don't say I didn't warn you.

1) “Let Me Out” by The Knack (Get The Knack)
2) “Jingle Jangle” by The Archies
3) “Pressing Lips” by The Pursuit Of Happiness (The Downward Road)
4) “The Rain, The Park & Other Things”by The Cowsills
5) “Hush” by Jellyfish (Spilt Milk)
6) “Go All The Way” by Raspberries
7) “Love In Action” by Utopia (Oops! Wrong Planet)
8) “Broken Hearts Are For Assholes” by Frank Zappa (Sheik Yerbouti) (hell, anything by FZ makes me laugh)
9) “Icarus (Borne On Wings Of Steel)” by Kansas (Masque)
10) “Kashmir” by Kevin Gilbert
11) “That Thing You Do!” by The Wonders (That Thing You Do!)
12) “Look Through Any Window” by The Hollies
13) “No Matter What” by Badfinger (Pete Ham & Tom Evans both dead)
14) “You Can’t Do That” by The Beatles
15) “She’s A Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones
16) “Running In The Family” by Level 42 (UK blue-eyed funk)
17) “Anyway” by The Celebrity Squares (now known as Jackdaw4)
18) “ProzaKc Blues” by King Crimson (The ConstruKction Of Light)
19) “Help Me Rhonda” by The Beach Boys
20) “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” by Tears For Fears

Pretty eclectic, wouldn't you say?

4:17 PM  
Blogger Beatls8 said...

Nice! No need to be ashamed of the Archies, though...heh. Good choice of Cowsills...

5:10 PM  
Blogger Beatls8 said...

Nice! No need to be ashamed of the Archies, though...heh. Good choice of Cowsills...

5:10 PM  
Blogger Beatls8 said...

Nice! No need to be ashamed of the Archies, though...heh. Good choice of Cowsills...

5:10 PM  
Anonymous electric bozo said...

It was almost The Banana Splits instead of The Archies. Now THERE'S vaguely embarassing.

5:54 PM  

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