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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Remember Me??

Hello Lovahs!

Tis I...jus wanted to again let you know that I was alive and doing quite well. At this point in time, I'm enjoying my summer vacation. Well, actually not enjoying my own, but enjoying everyone else's. Not that I mind at all, but I think that I'm going to have to take a second job as a professional house-sitter. I'm getting quite good at it. If you can believe it, I'm going to be sitting around 3 houses at one time...quite a feat!

Indiana went well for those who have e-mailed me asking about it. The parents were great. Shared a bottle of wine with Mrs. T, joked with the sibs, and conquered the Indiana Sand Dunes...or should I say that they conquered me...?

Life is good. Hope yours is going well too!

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