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Sunday, March 11, 2007

What's Up, Buttercups?

Hello again, my friends! I hope all is well in your worlds. I know that I've been quite absent, but I've also been quite the busy little bee. Here's what's been goin' on in my hood:

1) The boy and I have decided to take the next step so we're gettin' hitched! V proposed to me on New Year's Eve and we're in the process of planning our September 2008 wedding. We aren't the only ones taking the plunge. His sister became engaged at Christmas and his brother proposed to his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. It seems that we'll be surrounded by wedding stuff for the next year! Congrats to Becky & Brad and John & Eileen, btw! I've gone from an only child to having a step-brother and now am anticipating acquiring lots of in-laws!

(Here is my engagement ring along with the recent wedding band that matches my ring. We were lucky enough to get our bands recently at Stout & Lauer's big closing sale!)

2) Of course, when exciting things happen, crappy things happen as well. I decided that I had been a fugitive on the run for long enough and made the decision to get my wisdom teeth out. Luckily, they were all above the gums so I just had to have them pulled rather than cut out. Once I was numb, the entire process only took about 15 minutes. I took my ipod so that I wouldn't hear any unpleasant crunching noises. V was excited to document the adventure and my dentist was more than likely to make room for him to get the best shots. Warning: Nasty dental shots below... (things are healing well, no dry sockets, thanks for asking)

Thank you Dr. Ross!

Tools of torture

The main event

Bloody holes

Aftermath (note the sexy uneven lips and drool)

3) Just as time changed this morning at 2 a.m., my age will be changing as well. Next week I'll hit the big 3-0. The only thing that is getting me through the trauma is the fact that I'm escaping to St. Louis this weekend on a "girls weekend" away with my mom. We're staying at the Hyatt in Union Station, will be attending the HUGE St. Patrick's Day parade, and will be taking in a concert by Harry Connick Jr. (I'll plug his new CD, "Oh My Nola" because it's fantastic!) The first activity of "Birthday Week" will take place tomorrow night. I'm headed to see "Rent", one of my favorite musicals. Wish me luck in surviving the final week of my twenties...

I guess the only other big happenings took place in Springfield over the past few months. As you probably have heard Sen. Barak Obama announced his candidacy for President on the lawn of the Old State Capitol. I watched the action from the coziness of my couch. I've already joined "Team Hilary". Best of luck to all of the candidates.

Last week there was a rash, about 200, car vandalisms around the city. My mom's car windows were casualties in the action. Fortunately, they caught the jack-holes responsible so Springfield can sleep in peace again. Thank you SPD!

Tomorrow marks the 1-year anniversary of the tornadoes that hit, and temporarily destroyed, the city. The domestic violence shelter at which I work suffered a great amount of damage. We just made our final repairs last week. Many have rebuilt, but my thoughts will be with those who lost everything and are still trying to gain some re-order to their lives.

Finally, some of my favorite businesses will be closing their doors soon, if they haven't already.

- Stout & Lauer is preparing to close its doors after being in Springfield for over 100 years. The last time we were there, they still had great things left and will continue putting out new jewelry as new settings are completed. Stop by, take a look, and wish them well.

- La Sorella, my favorite restaurant in town, which made my favorite food ever, garlic bread pasta, closed last weekend. We were lucky enough to visit one last time before it's final closing. It's sad to see us lose such a phenomenal establishment. Not only was the food amazing, La Sorella held special meaning to me. I had my first legal drink there on my 21st birthday, V and I went there the night we became engaged. I was hoping to spend my 30th there and we were hoping they'd be around to host our rehearsal dinner. Thanks for the memories...and the garlic bread pasta!

- Yesterday I received word that the Scrapping Bee will be closing after 5 years. I, along with quite a few others, flocked to the store yesterday to make our final purchases and to wish Kendra and the gang good luck. The average length of time to wait in line was an hour and a half, but it was a wait that was worth it. I overheard many sharing stories of new friendships, as well as beautiful pages, that were created at the Scrapping Bee. They won't be closing until the end of the month so if you haven't had a chance, stop in, tell everyone "good-bye" and pick up some awesome deals at the same time. Although my fellow scrappers will be sad to see them go, the staff should be proud of what they've accomplished and the memories that they've helped to make. Keep on BEE-ing creative and I have no doubts that you'll BEE successful! Best of luck to you!

Enough of the sappy! Now you know how I've spent my absence. What have you been up to?


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OMG that is crazy you photographed that. You should have worn some kind of funny t-shirts for sharts and giggles :-)

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