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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Let's Take A Walk

Despite the heat, V and I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood. I decided to take my camera to see what I could spot. I didn't have to go very far before I found my first opportunity. Last week I had run into our neighborhood standing in line at Starbucks. She warned me that a dove had built a nest and laid eggs in the wreath that was on her door. The dove, just being a protective parent, would attack any guests who happened to come near her. I figured that if I stayed far enough back, it wouldn't be an invasive shot to get. I knew I was wrong when the dove squawked, flew directly toward me, and soared up onto the roof at the last moment. I did, however, get a great photo.

As we continued on down the block, we stopped at the pond that is in the middle of the subdivision. It was covered with lilypads. I had never seen a lilypad, nor did I ever know that they came in a variety that was so enormous. Before we headed home, I took a few pics. Enjoy!


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