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Monday, August 29, 2005

I Like Smart Boys.

Lemme tell you a little story about two guys, Zach and Jakob. The guys met in 1999 and founded Connected Ventures, "a business who designs and develops good websites." Their business is based out of a kick-ass NYC office. These guys, and all of their friends and co-workers, who happen to be just as amusing and talented, aren't playing around. They're in their early twenties and manage 7 websites. Incredible! And they've received amazing press from Playboy magazine and Rolling Stone, what twenty-something guy wouldn't want to have those credentials behind them? I'm not really sure how long I've known about the guys and their venture, but I've kept myself posted daily ever since. When Jakob breaks out his video camera, you never know quite what to expect...but here's a sample...if only my workday could be so much fun... note: Jakob is singing lead, Zach is playing back-up on air drums.

Check out their other sites if you get a chance, I guarantee, you won't want to miss what these guys are up to!

All Dumb - the site's title aptly describes it, I believe.

Big Shocker
- yeah. it's selling exactly what it's describing.

Busted Tees - they use their hot friends to sell hilarious t-shirts...check 'em out and then buy 'em. Note: the "I Gave My Word to Stop at Third" T-shirt is on sale for $12.99!

College Humor - if it's crazy and it's NSFW, chances are it's here...

Crazewire - amazing music source

Defunker - another site that sells tees, only this time, they're designed by friends AND modeled on them.

Vimeo - this is one of my top three absolute most favorite sites, I know that I'm guarateed one loud laugh or snorty chuckle every day when I visit. Some of this stuff is incredible, some of it is stupid, but some is really, really good. Check them out and find your own favorites. For starters, check out anything from Zach and Jakob's collection. If you liked the above clip, you'll love the rest! Enjoy!

And let's not forget their friends:

David Cho - the guy who can do an awesome wave

Ricky - the editor of College Humor who is funnier than hell


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