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Friday, March 24, 2006

29 for the First Time...

March, March, March...oh what a month!

- I guess that the biggest news of the month is the tornadoes that hit the area causing major damage to several neighborhoods while leaving other virutally unscathed. The shelter that I work at had some damage done including lost tiles from the roof, the shed's roof being torn off, broken windows, a gate completely destroyed, the basement and elevator shaft filled with water, no power for 5 days, and lots of glass strewn about the playground. Luckily, there were no fatalities or serious injuries in the area. It's amazing to drive down the street and have it look so completely different. Places that you visited regularly are gone, landmarks destroyed. Kinda like what I imagine Armegeddon would look like. Check out pictures of the area here.

- I celebrated my 29th birthday last weekend. Unbelievable. I'm not anywhere at all near where I thought I would be by this age. Not a bad thing, my life has just taken a few extra turns that I wasn't expecting. To celebrate my birthday, a group of pals and I were going to take in a concert by The Oohs on St. Patrick's Day, but it seemed that no one really wanted to venture out amongst the drunks that evening. The following day Becky and I went and had pedicures and looked for washers and dryers. (more on that later...) That night V was supposed to take my to dinner, but it turned out that the place for which we had reservations was damaged by the storms and not yet open...nor were our next 3 runners-up...so we stayed in.

- V and I finally were able to find some place to live. We found a nice condo on the westside of town in a neighborhood where we're the youngest people by far. A nice, quiet subdivision where I can happily jog and ride my bike every day (which I'll need to do after all of the "stress ice cream binges" I've been on lately...). We even have a garage...sweet! I don't think that I've ever parked in a garage in my life. It's exciting although the moving plans are causing me more stress than I've ever had that had caused reactions in my body that I've never experienced either. We'll see what happens...I'll keep y'all posted...



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