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Friday, April 01, 2005

Lemme Splain Sumphin....

Unfortunately, the world is being bombarded with sadness, tragedy, and grief...one of the most devastating events of the past 2 weeks is the fact that my computer has been infested. For who knows what reason, I wake up to the image of a giant vagina on my computer screen every morning...it's great, just fucking great. Anyway, giant vaginas aside, the virus is causing me stress and to spend less time at my computer. Until Joe can make a housecall, my posts will be a little slow. However, for the benefit of my favorite readers, you know who you are, I will give you a few good rants this evening...maybe this will hold you over until the next post. Glad you got to hear from me.


Blogger barenakedbob said...

How do you make an 80 year old woman say the "F" word..
have a 80 year old man say "Bingo".

What did the midget do when he decided he was gay..
he came out of the cupboard.

10:30 PM  

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