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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The 100th Post...Hooray!

I decided that I would also add some fun British slang courtesy of my friend, Ali, who lives in Essex. I believe that the discussion started after listening to a bit of The Streets music that he reccomended. He called me a fool when I questioned the lyrics and said, "What's wrong with you girl? It's all pretty plain English!"

"geezer" = man

"necking it" = french kissing

"queue" = a line of people waiting for something

"bird" = woman

"mashed" = drunk

"ITV" = TV station, number 3 after BBC1 and BBC2

"keen" - eager

"laryness" = the state of being argumentative

"2 plates of full English" = 2 English breakfasts on plates

"don't mug yourself" = don't beat yourself up

"pulling" = as in "pulling a bird" , ex: "grab your coat, you've pulled" can mean getting a snog (kiss), shag (laid), or finding a girl to have fun with

"spanner" = fool, idiot

Does anyone have any good slang/terms that they'd like to share? Post 'em here!


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