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Monday, July 25, 2005

Hope Ya Had a Great One..

Hello All! Happy Monday!

I decided this morning that I wanna take Frank's advice and "be a part of it"...now I can with this webcam. It's even complete with the noice and hustle and bustle of being in NYC. I'm gonna dedicate today's post to the guy pictured above. His name is Dave Potterbaum and he's headed to NYC tomorrow to take the Bar Exam so that he can get set up with a firm there. Just one more person I know who lives in NYC who I don't get around to visiting. Maybe I'll try a little harder this time. If he passes the Bar after all, it's time for a celebration!
Good Luck, Dave!

Just one more thing...I came across this interesting search engine. Check it out, I'm sure that it'll be helpful to you too. The format does look a little familiar...hmmm...where have I seen it before?


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Try this one on for size:


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